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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

The year has started with many anticipating great things in the commerce and data sectors. Digital marketing has been a buzz word for a number of years already, but 2015 is set to be one of the greatest in digital innovation and reach.

Data, big data and personalised strategies

Marketers and businesses alike have a vast amount of data at their disposal. This ranges from personal information to website interactions, purchase history and other analytical results. Businesses and companies will be communicating directly with their target audience, with analysts predicting a 60% increase in marketing analytics spending. General traditional marketing is dying a slow death. It is not irrelevant just yet, but more and more companies are seeing the advantages of customised and personalised marketing. Understanding your consumer better leads to improved marketing strategies and products.

Mobile mobility

Over 82% of South Africans own a cell phone or mobile device. This creates the perfect opportunity to communicate directly to them, and often encourage interaction through embedded links, shortcodes and AVMs (automated voice messaging). It is also because of this that it is essential that businesses ensure that their web platforms are responsive, or that they have dedicated mobile applications for their products and services. Another trend that will soon become more prominent is that of wearable technology. A number of brands, such as Samsung, have released wearable mobile devices such as watches that are fully functional cellular devices. This means that there are more opportunities for people to be exposed to your message and brand. However, broadcasting messages just for the sake of it, without any data to support it could turn into a very costly exercise, as well as be ineffective.

All parties welcome

There will also be a major surge in third-party data incorporation. 2015 will see first and third party data sources being combined to achieve even greater consumer insight. The customer’s social, search, purchasing, traveling and location patterns will be used to improve the customer experience and to improve offerings. This also translates into a higher number of, and quality customer pool.